Thank you for visiting us! We’re so glad to have you here!! ^o^

The releases featured in this journal is but a small taster of the things that we do as ‘Ongaku! Project’. To help you get to know us better and us to know you too, check out some of these links!

The Ongaku!Project Website
First time with O!P? Check out our website! It has all the information that you need about O!P and lots more! Information on the project, our works, members, downloads for our latest releases… It even has a stream for our most popular mixes as well as select editions of our ‘Hello!Ongaku’ radio show!

The Ongaku!Project SoundClick
Just want a quick listen of our works and appreciate how we have grown musically and as a group? Drop by the O!P SoundClick! The fastest, most convenient way of appreciating O!P!

The Ongaku!Project Last.fm Group
We love music and are sure that you do too! Rock? Pop? Maybe even a bit of enka? Share what you are listening to with us! Join us on Last.fm!

Sounds like fun? Join us!! Sign up at our forums, shoot the breeze with us on our journal and take part in the chit-chat! Share with us your experiences as a singer and grow with us!! By simply bookmarking either the site or joining our community as our friend, you will know right away when auditions are up! We would love to have you!! ^o^

All that said… Will you be our friend?


Team O!P

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