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Welcome 4th Gen members!!!

Once again, we sincerely thank everyone who auditioned! It was hard to decide, but it had to be done.

O!P 4th Gen is:



Congratulations and welcome to the O!P family!!


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4th Gen Auditions are underway!

First of all, we sincerely thank everyone who auditioned! Heart We are very happy to have received so many great entries!

Suki, Odango and I listened to all the auditions and voted according to what we currently need for Ongaku! Project. This time around we are looking for only a few girls and several boys to add to O!P. So with the girls it was especially hard because the were so many great entries and we gotta pick only a few in the end…

To those who didn’t pass to the 2nd round: Please don’t take it personal. We really are happy with all the entries we got, but we have to choose only a few people based on several factors, including the kinds of voices that will complement the current O!P voices, recording quality, energy put into singing, etc… So maybe at this point in time we were looking for other kind of voice, or other auditioners happened to have better quality or more energy. I highly encourage you to try again next year, if you’re still interested. Smiley

The following people have passed to the 2nd round:


El Rango




1. Record the following:

  • Girls: Superstar
  • Boys: Typhoon Generation
  • Everyone: Cheon Sang Ji Hee – Dancer in the Rain (if you’re interested in joining the korean division of O!P)** The lyrics can be found HERE.
  • Be sure to do the whole song, including any rap and/or talk parts it may have.
  • The audition song must be submitted acapella and in mp3 format.
  • The audition files must be recorded in the same conditions that you expect to record in regularly.
  • No retouching allowed.
  • Remember to include your username or the nick with which you auditioned first.

2. Send your recording to!

2nd Round Deadline: Monday, 22 September 2008
(Late entries will not be accepted).

Do your best everyone!!! Have fun!

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Auditions are now OPEN!

Hello~! *waves*

If you love singing and have an active interest in taking part in quality fanmixes, we at Ongaku! Project would like to invite you to join us! ^o^

For those who are new to O!P, we are a four-year old fanmix/karaoke group and following a structural revamp within the project (which includes the formation of a new Korean division) , we are now looking for new members to join us. For more information about O!P and our new structure, please refer to our profile which can be found on the O!P WordPress blog or the O!P LiveJournal community.


1. Auditions will be advertised following which applications will be accepted.

2. Applicants will be given a deadline by which to submit what they feel is their best work. Applicants interested in being part of the Korean Division will have to submit an additional work in Korean. Please see detailed instructions below.

3. Semi-finalists will be chosen.

4. Semi-finalist will be given a new deadline and further instructions for submitting acapella recordings of song/s that will be specified at the time.

5. Winners will be chosen, assigned to sub-divisions where necessary, and the results announced on Hello!Ongaku.


These are the rules for applicants in this initial round :

* Both girls AND guys are welcome to audition.

– Submit a song that you feel is your best work.

– All auditions must be in Japanese.

– Applicants interested in joining the Korean division will have to record an additional song in Korean for submission (i.e. submit one song in each language).

– All auditions must be in the ‘mp3’ format.

– The audition file must be recorded in the same conditions that you expect to record in regularly.

– No retouching of vocals allowed.

– Only one audition song per language will be accepted per applicant.

– In your application, please include your :

1. Username/real name
2. Age
3. The artist and title of the audition song/s
4. Any previous experience (such as chorus, fan mixes, singing lessons, contests, etc).

– Send your audition file and information to

Audition Deadline : Saturday, 30 August 2008 (Late entries will not be accepted).


While singing is a core component to making O!P the project that it is, it is equally important to us that our members take an active part in the other little initiatives which we come up with from time to time. Examples of these are that of the ‘Monday Five’ interviews at the O!P WordPress blog and co-hosting ‘Hello!Ongaku’ with the regulars. It is therefore important for you, as a potential member, to know that should you join O!P, you will be asked periodically to either take part in short written quizzes or to do short recordings which will be used either on WordPress or on ‘Hello!Ongaku’. You can however be assured that these ‘side projects’ will be non-intrusive on your privacy and will not take more than the time you will usually spend in recording full songs for O!P.

If you are comfortable with the above and think that you are ready to take on the challenge of being an O!P member, we welcome you to join us!

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us via the O!P email at or to post your question as a reply to this blog entry. We will get back to you on your queries asap.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you into Ongaku! Project!! ^o^

XOXO ~ Rei, Suki and Odango on behalf of O!P

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O!P Revamps

The final half hour of the 10-hour long special ‘live’ edition of Hello! Ongaku saw us sharing some long-awaited news with our peers. Yes, after three long years, O!P is finally undergoing a revamp!

At risk of sounding lazy, putting in all the nitty gritty details would end up making this post look more like somebody’s final year thesis so to avoid the excessive wordiness, here is a very compressed look at what is coming up with O!P.

First, the structure of the group has been overhauled with something new put in place. As to what these structural changes are, they should be visible to all very soon via the upcoming O!P releases so keep an eye out for those.

Secondly, an all-new Kpop division which will be headed by Odango, has been added. Even though the main focus of the group will remain in Jpop, the addition of the Kpop division is a definite boost to the O!P’s repertoire and scope as a singing group and the move is definitely seen as a positive one.

Thirdly, there will also be a marked shift in focus from the individual groups to that of individual members through the introduction of new features to be made available on the group’s website. You will be able to experience a part of this set of changes introduced by visiting the this blog.

In short, keep an eye out on this blog and the O!P website for some very visible changes will be assailing your eyeballs soon. And no, it will not hurt. =P

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Ongaku!Project Welcomes a New Junior Producer

And that would be Hanamoni’s Odango!! ^o^ Yes!! Odango has been roped in to join the rest of the production team here at O!P and with her addition comes a whole new window of opportunity opening to O!P. Sounds cryptic? Well, it will not be in a bit for there will be more news on this coming soon.

But for now, please put your hands together and join us in congratulating Odango on her latest position here with O!P!

Odango-chan!! Omedetou!!

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