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Nasal congestions, begone!

One of the problems of living in a city where almost all buildings are air-conditioned is having to deal with exposure to rapid and sometimes rather drastic temperature changes. You can be freezing your butt off in a 16-20 degree environment one minute before finding yourself just wasting away under 34 degrees worth of red-hot humidity in the next. The common result of all these? Colds, and with that comes the annoyance of having to deal with a blocked nose. Here’s a way to fix those nasal congestions…

Things that you will need :

  1. Vicks Vapour Rub or Mint oil (Can be one of those mint-based medicated ointments)
  2. Tub of steaming hot water (Need not be a big tub. Small one will do just fine.)
  3. Medium-sized towel (Large enough to cover your head)

Method :

  1. Add Vicks or a few drops of mint oil into the tub of hot water.
  2. Position yourself over the tub such that you are facing the water with the steam to your face.
  3. Keeping this position, cover your head with the towel such that both your head and the tub of water are tented within. This ensures that you get as much of the fumes as possible.
  4. Taking slow, deep breaths, breathe in as deeply as you can through your nose.
  5. You can add more Vicks or mint oil into the tub while the water is still hot to keep the minty fumes going till your nose is cleared.

And there you have it! A clear nose! I have to say though that applying Vicks or mint oil to your nose direct is the faster way. But I tend to prefer this method because I have found that applying these direct to my nose (especially mint oil) irritates my nose and causes me to sneeze, hence aggravating the block.

And this method can be used to not only clear stuffy noses but to refresh your senses as well. It makes a great addition to any DIY home beauty regime! I know of ladies who take advantage of the fact that the hot water steams their pores open so extraction of blackheads is easy then, especially round the nose. Follow this up with an application of a clay mask before toning and moisturing, and voila! Clean, clear skin!

To all those with blocked, stuffy noses~ Odaiji ni! ^o^

June 29, 2008 at 6:19 pm 1 comment