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4th of July in Ohio

Well, the 4th of July ended and I’ve been celebrating it for the past two days! It’s working against my attempt at getting skinny! Haha, anyway! On the 3rd Columbus, Ohio does an annual fireworks show called ‘Red White & Boom’ I went there with 3 of my friends and we had a lot of fun, mostly before the fireworks. I’m not sure why they do it on the third. We were at the post office a bit away, so the firework view from there wasn’t so great.

However, on the 4th we went to Hilliard’s fireworks, which is my city’s annual firework event. We were on a hill right across the pond they were being set off from. It was okay until my friend Jim’s mom had us move from flat land to actually sitting on the hill. I kept sliding, and it was muddy because of the rain earlier (yay for blankets and trash bags to stop it from getting on us so much) and it was the worst part of the hill. I really didn’t want to move, but whatever haha~ I got some great pictures of the fireworks and I took some videos of them and the grand finale.

The video I put together is of Red White & Boom stuff at the beginning and pretty fireworks towards the end!

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Hipp Hipp Hurra!

Today (the 17th of May) is a very special day for me. I’m from Norway, and the 17th of May is our National Day! It’s a celebration of the signing of our constitution in 1814, which declared us an independent nation (Norway had been under control by Denmark and Sweden up until then).

Today the day is traditionally celebrated all over the country by children parades. This day is all about the kids. We get to wave flags, dress up in our national costumes (the bunad) and best of all, it’s tradition to eat as many hotdogs and ice creams as our tummies will let us (I don’t really know why, but it’s a good tradition that I hope will never die ^^V).

In short, the 17th of May is a good day to be Norwegian. This year the weather wasn’t quite with us, so my celebrations were cut a bit short, but I did get to wave hello to the royal family and I did eat the obligatory hotdog. Unfortunately no ice cream, this was in fact the coldest 17th of May in over 50 years!

I’ll round up this post with a video. I talk a bit about my bunad and you get to walk up Karl Johan, the main street in Oslo, towards the royal castle~ the Norwegian royal family also make a brief appearance!

(If video skips, pause and let it load completely before watching)

With love, Second generation O!P member – Twissie

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