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ViyuMEN – Truth c/w Happiness

(Click images to view full version)

Singers: Tenkei, Ahrjay, Kain Kian, Sazaki Ren, Rm88 and Anton
Producer: Rei-chan
Cover design: Ahrjay

1. Truth [lyrics]
2. Happiness [lyrics]

Download the whole single HERE ^o^

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Ongaku! Project & Sekai no Melody Collaboration – Resonant Blue / Mikan

Resonant Blue edition cover art, by Ongaku! Project

(Click images to view full version)

Mikan edition cover art, by Sekai no Melody

(Click images to view full version)


1. Resonant Blue [lyrics]
O!P: Maki Kanatsu, Ra-chan, Rei-chan, Tamuma
SnM: Andromaeda, Michikosaki, Rosie, Solaire, Sorachu
Producer: Rei-chan
Cover design: Suki

2. Mikan [lyrics]
O!P: Maki Kanatsu, Ra-chan, Rayna Black, Suki, Tamuma
SnM: Andromaeda, Michikosaki, Rosie, Solaire, Sorachu
Producer: Andromaeda
Cover design: Sorachu

Download the whole single HERE ^o^

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O!P Summer Shuffles 2008~! VOTE NOW ^o^

(Click images to view full version)

Singers: Ongaku! Project
Producers: Rei-chan, Suki and Odango
Cover design: Rei-chan

Songs: (Click links for stream)
1. Salt5 : Get Up! Rapper [lyrics]
2. Water10 : Be All Right! [lyrics]
3. 7Air : Kowarenai Ai ga Hoshii no [lyrics]

Download here and ENJOY~!! ^o^


In order for us to pick the winning O!P Shuffle of 2008, we need all of you to vote for your favorite!


1. Listen completely to the 3 shuffle songs.
2. Decide which you liked the most and vote for it in our poll HERE (just reply here if you don’t wanna register).
** Please be fair and don’t just vote for the one your friends are in Be honest and vote for the one you thought did the best job! ^_^

Voting will end in 2 weeks, so hurry up and tell everyone to come listen and vote!  ^o^

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Welcome 4th Gen members!!!

Once again, we sincerely thank everyone who auditioned! It was hard to decide, but it had to be done.

O!P 4th Gen is:



Congratulations and welcome to the O!P family!!


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4th Gen Auditions are underway!

First of all, we sincerely thank everyone who auditioned! Heart We are very happy to have received so many great entries!

Suki, Odango and I listened to all the auditions and voted according to what we currently need for Ongaku! Project. This time around we are looking for only a few girls and several boys to add to O!P. So with the girls it was especially hard because the were so many great entries and we gotta pick only a few in the end…

To those who didn’t pass to the 2nd round: Please don’t take it personal. We really are happy with all the entries we got, but we have to choose only a few people based on several factors, including the kinds of voices that will complement the current O!P voices, recording quality, energy put into singing, etc… So maybe at this point in time we were looking for other kind of voice, or other auditioners happened to have better quality or more energy. I highly encourage you to try again next year, if you’re still interested. Smiley

The following people have passed to the 2nd round:


El Rango




1. Record the following:

  • Girls: Superstar
  • Boys: Typhoon Generation
  • Everyone: Cheon Sang Ji Hee – Dancer in the Rain (if you’re interested in joining the korean division of O!P)** The lyrics can be found HERE.
  • Be sure to do the whole song, including any rap and/or talk parts it may have.
  • The audition song must be submitted acapella and in mp3 format.
  • The audition files must be recorded in the same conditions that you expect to record in regularly.
  • No retouching allowed.
  • Remember to include your username or the nick with which you auditioned first.

2. Send your recording to!

2nd Round Deadline: Monday, 22 September 2008
(Late entries will not be accepted).

Do your best everyone!!! Have fun!

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