Monday Five

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Monday Five is a weekly segment in the Ongaku!Project WordPress where we present five random O!P members with a question. Their answers to that question will be posted here each Monday. It’s a unique chance to get to know the O!P members a bit better!

Q: What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

tamuma: I don’t normally make New Years resolutions (mainly because I’m so bad at keeping them XD) although last year I made one as a joke to have at least one Starbucks a week, and I have to say I managed to keep it this time!
In seriousness though, New Year is a good time to reflect on achievements we have made over the past year, and how to improve on things that didn’t go quite so well.
Having a listen to some old recordings of my singing turned out to be pretty embarrassing(!), but it’s a good feeling to know that the effort put in is worth it, even if you improve by just a little.
So I hope that over the coming year I can continue to get better at singing!

I’d also like to thank the producers for all their hard work that they’ve put in over the past year, and I hope O!P will continue to flourish in the year to come.

SazakiRen: Hello! You know what time it is? Right! Christmas time, and even more New Year time! Here in my country there’s really no such thing as New Year’s Resolutions, but since I’ve read about what that is in Wikipedia(yeah… I didn’t really know what the thing is…) and now I know.
Up to the point when the audition winners were announced I didn’t believe that I passed. Throughout all the time I’ve been in the project, I tried my best to do everything possible to make recordings in time and in best quality. Probably some of them weren’t like it. So my New Year Resolution is – I want to improve my recording quality, as well as speed. Also I want to improve my voice, so to give away as much energy and as much happiness as possible. Because for me – it is really important to sing not only for the sake of singing only, but for the sake of those people(to whom I’m very grateful) who will hear my voice and get as much fun as possible. So that’s probably all of my resolutions. I hope everyone will have a good happy New Year, and we’ll see what the New Year will bring us.
Happy New Year y’all!!

tenkei: I haven’t really decided on a resolution for 09. I’ve found (as I’m sure most people have) that resolutions rarely come to fruition, and studies have shown that the majority of people who make resolutions fail them by March. For ’08, one of my resolutions was to read more cus I hadn’t been reading as much as I used to nor as much as I would’ve liked. I actually stuck with it up until about midway through June, I read a book a week until then. Since, I’ve only finished 2 books and am still reading one I started months ago. Anyway, I’ve been thinking if I were to make a resolution for 2009, it would be the same as last last year and just try to read more (doesn’t even have to be a book a week), and hopefully this time go even longer, ideally for the whole year.

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Monday Five Ongaku! Project & Sekai no Melody Collaboration – Resonant Blue / Mikan

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