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Monday Five

Monday Five is a weekly segment in the Ongaku!Project WordPress where we present five random O!P members with a question. Their answers to that question will be posted here each Monday. It’s a unique chance to get to know the O!P members a bit better!



Q: What is one thing you always carry with you when you go out?

Miyoki: I always carry my makeup and cellphone, unfortunatly I need a lot pasted on my face to appear socially acceptable. XD And my cellphone is one of my most precious objects – I spent a lot of time decorating it with gems, pearls and roses. ^^




Daisuki Daiiyo: My mp3 player of course! Even if I’m heading out to someplace where it would be best if I could hear (like school, or to the mall) I always have to bring it with me. It pretty much contains the soundtrack to my day– and you know, sometimes the radio doesn’t always play the songs that you’re in the mood for, so having an mp3 player along is good in that aspect.



Hina: Well… I actually carry a lot of things. There are just some things that I have to have before I leave the house x33
Things like.. keys (LOL), cellphone, mp3-player, wallet and a mirror~ So I quess.. one thing I always carry with me is my bag. It has some pretty MoMusu pictures on it and when I go to school I usually spot a lot of asian tourists walking around and some have actually come to speak to me. They’re always like “Morning Musume sugoii!!” 8DD
So, yes, my bag is the one thing I always carry with me~


Reina: My cellphone! It serves so many purposes, it’s like my personal assistant XD
1. It wakes me up in the morning (alarm function)
2. I take pictures with it (camera function)
3. Reminds me of my appointments (calender function)
4. Making me able to keep in touch with my family and friends (phone and message)

Most importantly, IT’S MY MP3 PLAYER! XD
I always listen to songs in my cellphone whenever I go out, my cellphone earphones is shaped like earplugs (XD), so once I wear my earphones, I am in my own world without any outside noise ^^


Tamuma: My student card. Life feels so much better when you know you can get that 10% off your clothes and cds!





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No-Bake Cookies

Alright, I’m going to apologize now to Nono since I said I would be putting up hard candies for the recipe. Unfortunately, I can’t find that recipe but I did find the recipe for my no-bake cookies. I don’t have time this week to try out a new recipe; but next week we’ll work really hard to have something prepared that doesn’t have chocolate in it. Okay? Okay!


  1. 3/4 cups brown sugar
  2. 1/4 cups white sugar
  3. 1-2 tablespoons cocoa (depending on preference)
  4. 1/4 cups butter/margarine
  5. 1/4 cups milk
  • Mix all ingredients in a pan.
  • Boil for one minute.
  • Remove from heat.

Add the following ingredients:

  1. 1/4 cups peanut butter
  2. 1½ cups quick oatmeal
  3. 2 tablespoon flour
  4. ½ teaspoon vanilla
  5. dash of salt

Mix and drop by teaspoon onto wax paper. Let cool, before eating!

Hope you enjoy the no-bakes! They’re my favorite dessert!

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Monday Five

I’m here to introduce a new weekly segment to the Ongaku!Project WordPress. Each Monday we’ll present five random O!P members with a question, and their answers to that question will be posted here. It’s a unique chance to get to know the O!P members a bit better!

Q: You can take any O!P member and show them around your home town. Who would you take, and what would you do?

Suki: Hmm… Interesting question…

I would take MoonsaultV1 with me take on the one-day Vuden Tour!! There would be a few essentials that we would have to have with us though. First would be my iPod with the ‘Vuden in SG’ special video all loaded in and ready for viewing coz in order to do the tour, we would need a good guide as to where Vuden went to and for that, there would be no better guide than Vuden themselves!

We would also be needing a digicam and a camcorder coz where’s the fun if you go to all these places and have no mad, whacky pics and vids to show for it at the end of the day? So yes, digicam + camcorder are must-have essentials for this quest!

We would probably be pretty tired out by the end of the day coz there are quite a few places to visit and it is a one-day tour, but at the end of it, we could hop into the first public bus that comes along, alight at any stop that we felt like alighting at and go grab a bite of something to eat at the stores surrounding that stop. SG’s a foodie paradise so it’s safe to say that most any bus-stop that we alight at will have some goodie for us to check out!

So we munch and then we’d go back to the same bus-stop, take the first bus that comes along and do the same thing all over again and again till we’re stuffed till near exploding!

Wahaha! Anybody else that wants to come along is more than welcome to sign up! 😉


Ra-chan: Hmm.. which member hmm?
I think I would take Odango xD?!

Odango is sweet, friendly and so lovely with other people.. and I think I know her the most in O!P ..

My home town?! I dont think so xD! NEVER EVER would I show her around in that messy town -.-! I think I would do karaoke with her in our party room in the cellar! We would have fun playing the PS2, Wii or something else. We would watch concerts on TV and such things.. but I don’t think I would go with her around here xD!


Aisasami: I think I would take Twissie to see my hometown because I heard Norway is as pretty as the Midwest (Which I consider as my hometown). I don’t know what we would do, just have a long car ride all over the Midwest and view the wide open and beautiful lands.




Tenkei: Oh, Twissie, you little minx, is that some kind of hint? Sure, I’ll show you around <333





Maki Kanatsu: Only one member? Well, since I tend to be closest with Odango I’d say Odango-twin! There’s not much to do in Ohio but if it was the fall I’m sure we could find some fun on OSU’s campus; maybe go to a football game! There’s also a karaoke and bubbletea place on campus called Momo²! We could get yummy bubble tea and karaoke and video tape there also! I think that’d be a lot of fun~~





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Hipp Hipp Hurra!

Today (the 17th of May) is a very special day for me. I’m from Norway, and the 17th of May is our National Day! It’s a celebration of the signing of our constitution in 1814, which declared us an independent nation (Norway had been under control by Denmark and Sweden up until then).

Today the day is traditionally celebrated all over the country by children parades. This day is all about the kids. We get to wave flags, dress up in our national costumes (the bunad) and best of all, it’s tradition to eat as many hotdogs and ice creams as our tummies will let us (I don’t really know why, but it’s a good tradition that I hope will never die ^^V).

In short, the 17th of May is a good day to be Norwegian. This year the weather wasn’t quite with us, so my celebrations were cut a bit short, but I did get to wave hello to the royal family and I did eat the obligatory hotdog. Unfortunately no ice cream, this was in fact the coldest 17th of May in over 50 years!

I’ll round up this post with a video. I talk a bit about my bunad and you get to walk up Karl Johan, the main street in Oslo, towards the royal castle~ the Norwegian royal family also make a brief appearance!

(If video skips, pause and let it load completely before watching)

With love, Second generation O!P member – Twissie

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Release Date : 2008.04.05
Singers : Miyoki & Hina
Producer : Suki
Cover Design : Suki

Tracks :
3. PANDA (Instrumental Version)

Download full single HERE.

Watch the ‘PANDA’ video HERE.

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